Traditions performed with brilliance

Swan Lake


My daughter and I attended the show last night in Bristol, TN. I wish we could see it again… the dancers are amazing!

KeenMullins STeresa 

We were able to see you in Riverside and it was phenomenal! Thank you so much for such a beautiful production!!

Shelley Rice-Renison

Went to the Pittsfield show last night. My daughter and I LOVED it. We where in awe of the beauty and talent. Thanks you!

Seanna Isaacs 

Saw you in McAllen! Wonderful show. Thank you!

Linda Schebel

You were beautiful and hysterical and a joy to watch dance! Can’t wait until the WBT comes back to Riverside California!

Gigi Brewer

Saw it in Roanoke, VA. It was absolutely wonderful! The costumes, sets, lighting, the talented dancers made it a night to remember. Bravo!!

Kathryn Reyna 

I got to see them 2nd row from the stage. The costumes were absolutely Brilliant!! I will be seeing them again!

Kat Woodring 

It was the most beautiful performance I have ever seen. So glad I didn’t miss it…

Donna Santa Cruz

Thank you for a wonderful performance! We loved it!

Mary Beth Aubertin

It was FABULOUS!!! The costumes are unbelievable and the cast phenomenal ♥️♥️♥️

AnneMarie Gwiazdowski-Watrous


The new production of Swan Lake is choreographed by Nadezhda Kalinina, who lovingly retouched the oldest Marius Petipa’s version of the ballet considered the foundation of the classic version of this iconic ballet.

Hand-painted sets and over 150 hand-sewn costumes were created by Sergei Novikov in the tradition of the great masters.

SFX makeup developed by Award-winning Irina Strukova (Crazy Rich Asians, Netflix, HBO) will make ballet devotees feel as though they have seen the beautiful Swan Lake for the first time!




Who is in the cast?

Introducing the Stellar Cast of the Swan Lake Ballet

World Ballet Series proudly presents an exceptional, multinational ensemble of dancers handpicked from premier ballet institutions across Europe, Japan, the UK, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and beyond.

Principal Dancer Andrea Lassakova, who graces the stage as Odile and Odette, is an accomplished and celebrated ballerina, former first soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

This remarkable performance also showcases the talents of a new generation of ballet virtuosos, including Angelina Zgurskaya’s and Maxim Vlas’ dazzling performance in Act 2,  Kyunsoon Park’s breathtaking pas-de-trois, and Constantine Geronik’s exquisite portrayal of the Head Jester.

Don’t miss this captivating ballet experience, which masterfully combines tradition and innovation, highlighting the incredible skill and artistry of a diverse and talented cast. Book your tickets now to witness this mesmerizing display of ballet excellence.

Who dances the odette / odile part?

Meet the Star: Andrea Lassakova in the Swan Lake.

Andrea Lassakova, an accomplished ballet virtuoso, is the first soloist of the World Ballet Series. As a former star of the Mikhailovsky Theater, she has steadily garnered international acclaim and amassed numerous accolades.

Andrea Lassakova received her dance training exclusively with Klara Skodova at the Eva Jacz Dance Conservatory in Bratislava, the primary training facility for the Slovak National Ballet. She graduated from the Conservatory in 2011, and the same year joined the Slovak National Theatre as a demi-soloist, where she performed roles in ballets including The NutcrackerSleeping BeautyLe CorsaireLa Sylphide, the Swan LakeGiselle and The Little Prince.

In 2013-2014, Andrea moved to Finland and became a dancer of the Youth Company of the Finnish National Ballet. In 2014-2015, she joined the Finnish National Ballet’s Main Company. In 2015, Andrea moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, and joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet by invitation as soloist, and was promoted to the rank of First Soloist in 2021, dancing major principal repertoire including Odette/Odile in the Swan Lake, Medora in Le Corsaire, Gamzatti in La Bayadere, Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty, Queen of the Dryads in Don Quixote, Queen of Willis in Giselle, Fairy of the Summer in Cinderella and Sylvia variation from Coppélia by Messerer.

Andrea was one of the few ballerinas to work under the tutelage of Madame Tatiana Nikolaevna Legat. From 2021-22 she was coached by former Kirov Ballet Prima Ballerina Zhanna Ayupova and worked frequently with choreographers Nacho Duato, Oleg Vinogradov, and Mikhail Messerer.

Experience the unparalleled grace and artistry of Andrea Lassakova as she takes the stage in the World Ballet Series, enchanting audiences with her captivating performances and exceptional talent. Don’t miss your chance to witness this ballet star in action.

What about the music?

The Magical Soundscape: Music in the World Ballet Series

Discover the enchanting soundscape that brings the captivating world of Swan Lake to life in the World Ballet Series. Our talented team of sound engineers and music curators carefully select and blend compositions from the most renowned composers to create a harmonious and evocative auditory experience for our audience. Please note that Swan Lake will be performed with a LIVE orchestra in selected cities.

As a vital component of each ballet performance, music has the power to transport and inspire, adding depth and emotion to every scene. Though our touring ballet company is not currently accompanied by a live orchestra, we ensure that the music is skillfully engineered and reproduced, maintaining the highest quality and authenticity for our patrons.

Join us on this magical journey as we celebrate the powerful union of music and dance, weaving together an unforgettable experience that speaks to the heart and captivates the senses.

Is ballet for me?

Audience Suitability: A Show for Everyone

The World Ballet Series’ presentation of Swan Lake is a universally appealing experience designed to delight audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned ballet enthusiast or new to the magical world of theater, this performance will surely impress and inspire.

While our shows are created to appeal to a broad audience, we recommend that children aged 5 and older join us for the best experience. The Swan Lake is a timeless love story that has established itself as a family-friendly classic. Please note that Tchaikovsky’s powerful score may be loud for very young audience members.

How to understand?

Stay Informed and Engaged: Understanding the Ballet Performance

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the entire Swan Lake story; we’ve got you covered. Upon arrival at the venue, you’ll find information stands in the lobby featuring QR codes that you can scan to access our digital program. This comprehensive guide includes a synopsis of the plot and a timeline to help you follow the on-stage events with ease. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the enchanting world of Swan Lake’s ballet performance.